I got a son in April 2003, and I then got bitten by the genealogy bug.

In one book we was suppose to draw his family tree. I thought "There are only 4 generations on this tree....hmmm..... It must be possible to find more than that!!". As my wife told me after a couple of years "If I had known what those words meant I would have stopped you at that exact moment". During a couple of years I played around with both FamilyTree (Here is a example of one of the earlier phases) and a program named Gramps, that is a genealogy program for Linux. That lead to these pages. (So fare ;-). (Here are the liste by surnames... It's quite long, considered the bandwith of the server it resides on.)

Hope this is of any use.

I'm having some problems that search engines are lagging the site. So if thing is slow, give it some minutes, and retry. I'm working on a solution.