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HOWTO - Copy or move your Outlook contacts to Google Gmail, if the Outlook client is Norwegian

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HOWTO - Copy / move your Outlook contacts to Google gmail, from a Norwegian Outlook client...

A friend had problem exporting his contacts from Outlook to Gmail. He followed the solutions that you can find around the internet, that suggested to export the contacts to a CSV file, and import that into Gmail. But all his contacts came up as blank, they had no names, phone numbers and email addresses was some times placed correct, sometimes not. Almost all the information about the contacts was saved in the Notes field.....


After some investigation the CSV file that Outlook produced had Norwegian headings. They (producer of outlook) have translated the CSV heading!!!! Why? I can see a couple of good reasons for this, but they are outweigh by what I think is the major reason, and that is to make the export incompatible with other programs..... Gmail off course did not recognize this.

Well, what to do... Manually translate the headers would take some time, and would probably resulted in misspelling, ++. So I exported a file from Gmail, in the format that Outlook would like, and compared the heading. This resulted in a translation table I have saved in CSV, and included in the bottom of this page. I'm not shore

So if you do have a bash commandline available you can download this CSV file, save it with your CSV file from Outlook, and run the following command. Change YOUR_OUTLOOK_EXPORTED.CSV to your filename:

$ cat trans1.csv  |while read a; do from="`echo $a |cut -f 1 -d\;`";to="`echo $a |cut -f 2 -d\;`";echo "($from)->($to)"; sed -i "s/$from/$to/g" YOUR_OUTLOOK_EXPORTED.CSV;done

This should fix your file. The only problem that you now can run into is if we have different text encodings. So when you are finished check the resulting file, and see if the fields that had the special characters æ, ø and å in them are correct translated. If so, just import the file into Gmail.


So why do I have this HOWTO in english.... This problem probably apply to all other translations of Outlook as well, so for other languages, here you have my solution, you only need to create your translation file your self....


Her are the translation table. This is also available in a CSV file here:

Tittel Title
Fornavn First Name
Mellomnavn Middle Name
Etternavn Last Name
Suffiks Suffix
Firma Company
Avdeling Department
Stilling Job Title
Adresse, arb.: Gate/vei Business Street
Adresse 2, arb.: Gate/vei Business Street 2
Adresse 3, arb.: Gate/vei Business Street 3
Adresse, arb.: Poststed Business City
Adresse, arb.: Område Business State
Adresse, arb.: Postnummer Business Postal Code
Firmaland/område Business Country
Adresse, priv.: Gate/vei Home Street
Adresse 2, priv.: Gate/vei Home Street 2
Adresse 3, priv.: Gate/vei Home Street 3
Adresse, priv.: Poststed Home City
Adresse, priv.: Område Home State
Adresse, priv.: Postnummer Home Postal Code
Hjemland/område Home Country
Annen adresse: Gate/vei Other Street
Annen adresse 2: Gate/vei Other Street 2
Annen adresse 3: Gate/vei Other Street 3
Annen adresse: Poststed Other City
Annen adresse: Område Other State
Annen adresse: Postnummer Other Postal Code
Annet land/område Other Country
Assistentens telefonnummer Assistant's Phone
Telefaks, arb. Business Fax
Telefon, arb. Business Phone
Telefon 2, arb. Business Phone 2
Tilbakeringing Callback
Biltelefon Car Phone
Hovedtelefon for firma Company Main Phone
Telefaks, priv. Home Fax
Telefon, priv. Home Phone
Telefon 2, priv. Home Phone 2
Mobiltelefon Mobile Phone
Annen telefaks Other Fax
Annen telefon Other Phone
Personsøker Pager
Hovedtelefon Primary Phone
Radiotelefon Radio Phone
Telefon for hørselshemmede TTY/TDD Phone
Teleks Telex
Adresse, arb.: Postboks Business Address PO Box
Adresse, priv.: Postboks Home Address PO Box
Annen postboksadresse Other Address PO Box
Assistentens navn Assistant's Name
Barn Children
Bruker 1 User 1
Bruker 2 User 2
Bruker 3 User 3
Bruker 4 User 4
Ektefelle Spouse
E-postadresse E-mail Address
Visningsnavn for e-post
E-postadresse 2 E-mail 2 Address
E-posttype 2
Visningsnavn for e-post 2
E-postadresse 3 E-mail 3 Address
E-posttype 3
Visningsnavn for e-post 3
Forbokstaver Initials
Fødselsdag Internet Free Busy
Følsomhet Sensitivity
Henvist av Referred By
Hobby Hobby
ID-nummer for organisasjon Organizational ID Number
Katalogserver Directory Server
Kategorier Categories
Kjønn Gender
Konto Account
Kontor Office Location
Ledige og opptatte tidspunkt på Internett Internet Free Busy
Merkedag Anniversary
Notater Notes
Nøkkelord Keywords
Offentlig ID-nummer
Overordnedes navn Manager's Name
Plassering Location
Prioritet Priority
Privat Private
Reisegodtgjørelse Mileage
Språk Language
Webside Web Page



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